We recognise that people of different ages and various abilities have specific needs.

There is evidence-based research that Tango can make substantial contributions to your physical health, well-being of the mind and ability to communicate with other people.

We develop and offer specific course and workshop programs for younger persons 'Minus20', senior citizens '50Plus' or people with learning disabilities 'AddAbility'. 

We are planning to commence with these offers in the second DalstonTango season (see respective countdown in the right column).

To discuss ideas on how Tango could make a difference to clients you are serving with your organisation, please contact us at dalstontango@googlemail.com


The 50Plus program is delivered by DalstonTango and consulted by Michele Stanley, founder of CheTango group based in South-West London. She teaches the group and arranges shows and demonstrations of Argentine Tango in Residential Homes for the Elderly and for various charitable organisations throughout the home counties. 

Michele says: "Most of our members of this group are over 50 years in age and it is evident that they are fit and healthy and socially active – enjoying a close friendship and support circle. 

Medical research has shown that dancing Argentine Tango (arguably the most difficult dance in the world) actively reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and, most recently, that activity in the hypothalamus is increased when the individual was involved in dancing this wonderful dance. 

The unique music informs the dance and the connection and empathy between the partners is immediately apparent – hence the universal conclusion that Argentine Tango is a passionate and sensual dance."

CheTangoGroup on BlackfriarsBridge for TangoCommute08

Michele Stanley and CheTango group tangoing on Blackfriars Bridge.

in development, in case of interest please contact dalstontango@googlemail.com

in development, in case of interest please contact dalstontango@googlemail.com