Specialities in Motion

Workshops : Saturdays 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Set of 6 workshops on subjects such as embrace, walk, musicality, elasticity, leadership, adornments, etc. sometimes delivered by select motion specialists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Walk - caminar

You may take walking for granted but your gait is unique and personal to you and not only expresses you character but also lies at the heart of dancing tango. Walking alone is one thing to discover, walking together is a world of its own. 'caminar' not only translates as 'to walk' but also 'to travel' and is fundamental for the tangonaut's journey.

Hug - abrazo

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Tango as a musical hug. We are inviting you for 2 hours of hugging. 

Do you know how to hug interdependently rather co-dependently? In how many ways do you think you can hug each other? What makes a good hug work?

All these questions and more we will be working on in this workshop. Once you add the music you will be floating away across the dance floor.

Musicality - musica   

To listen to music passively is certainly interesting, to move your body in relationship to it and not only your own, but in connection with your partner is an art which has to be learnt with great focus and attention. The music is the glue and shared reference point between your and your partner's body.
Elasticity - elasticidad    

Transferring energy from one to another requires a high degree of elasticity not only of the body, but also of the mind. Neither being too firm and reactive, nor being too floppy and vague will make for a good communication in motion.

Lead & follow - marcar & seguir

Leadership is about making powerful invitations, following means actively spotting opportunities in taking action. In this workshop you learn how to plot the course of your dance and guide your follower. Followers learn how to bring everything and nothing to the conversation and how to trust the roles of lead and follow free from judgement.

Embellishments - adorno

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Tell a story with your hands and feet (and eyes). In this workshop you will learn to make decorations which go beyond the superficial and support what you want to express during your social dancing.

Workshops are suitable for dancers at any level who want to deepen their understanding of motion detail in  very specific areas. All 6 workshops add great value to your development of dancing and wide your appreciation and understanding of dance in its diverse expressions.

£12 - only £8 if you bring a cake. 

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