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TangoNautica | London's Milonga in aid of Haiti & Chile | 9th March | 6.00pm - 10.00pm

It takes two to tango and there are two countries, two quakes and two people in need who will not be able to join in our dancing on the 9th March as these countries recover from the devastating aftermath. 

The victims, state schools, hospitals and those left homeless need your support today.

BerlinTango raised €2000 for Haiti Earthquake Relief now its London's turn to continue this effort. 
Come join us for a dance or two and help raise money for this worthy cause.

Made a difference!
raised £225 

Haiti Earthquake Appeal | British Red Cross 
Chile Earthquake Appeal | British Red Cross

click on poster to enlarge and print


Igor Outkine | singer - accordionist

Guillermo Rozenthuler | singer - guitarist 

Diego Doigneau | DJ 


Ant the Rant | poetry

to be confirmed | dance


Balint Bolygo | sculpture

Simon Hyde | video

Beso Uznadze | photography


Tanja Raaste | win tickets for two worth £180 pounds for master class weekend 

with award-winning ‘tangueros’ Sergio Funes Sinopoli and Gemita Diaz Cordova

juice and tea

Hannah Hewetson & Andrea Baier


Uzo @ Urban Griot | AudioAmplification

James Moed | Projector

 Michael and Dale @ Mathmos | Lighting


St. Mark's Community Halls, Colverston Crescent

Dalston, Hackney, E8 2LJ


London Bridge / Liverpool Street | Bus 149

Victoria / Holborn | Bus 38 / 242

Waterloo / Old/street | Bus 76 / 243

Marble Arch / Euston | Bus 30

your personal trip

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