What is Argentine tango?

It is a social dance and a musical genre that originated in Argentina and Uruguay. It is commonly confused with ballroom tango, though this is a later derivation. In the history both the music and the dance were influenced by interpretations abroad and returned to the country of origin, enriching its ongoing development. Today Tango has become a global phenomena and can be enjoyed all over the world.

I've never danced before... does that matter?

No. Tango is as simple as walking, but walking together in harmony is not easy. Our classes are taking place in a relaxed but focused atmosphere tucked away from London's hustle bustle. You can have most wonderful tango experiences by doing the most simple things. You may have met your partner for the first time, you may not know his or her name but the dance will be hard to describe with words. What fuses the experience is the music. 

Do I have to wear shoes which will kill my feet?

No, not at all! When you dance you want to be at east at all times. Your shoes should fit well and be comfortable. The nature of shoes depend on the floor you dance on. For our wooden floor which is not too slippery and not too grippy, leather soles are much better than rubber or crepe. Too much grip can hurt your knees when turning (pivoting). Too much slip can make you fall. Heels are not mandatory but they can support your posture some of them look just very beautiful

What clothes should I wear?

During the classes wear comfortable clothes, possibly in layers as it can be cool when you start and hot once you have been dancing for hours. For the ladies, in case you wear a skirt make sure it does not constrain a large step. Best bring two pair of shoes, low, comfortable dance sneakers for the class and your regular dance shoes for practica and milonga. 

Do I need bring a Partner?

No. Every student dances with everyone, all students will have an opportunity to do all what there is to learn, this includes the roles of leading and following. We make sure that no one is left out. Of course you can bring your partner or friend, so you can share the tango experience with somebody you already know. Tango is a great way to get to know each other in a totally different dimension.

Do I need to book for a whole course?

We strongly encourage our students to commit to any course for 6 weeks. We try that the roles (lead and follow) are in equal numbers, although we cannot always guarantee that. This usually is an opportunity to try out the opposite role and you will get the same, if not even added value from the class.


To get best value from any class or workshop you want to dance at the right level. This way you will learn fast without being frustrated or bored. The levels will also help to assemble groups of similar ability because we learn most from the people we dance with. We will advise you on which level is right for you to ensure the integrity of the classes and workshops we currently offer.

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0 : general suitable for all levels including beginners, applies to workshops
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1 : complete beginners   you have never done the tango, these classes will start with the very first steps and can be visited by anybody who is able to walk comfortably.

2 : recent beginners  you have understood the basics and are familiar with the basics of stepping side, forward & backwards steps and how to lead and follow, you feel comfortable and have a sense of flow when using these basic steps.

3 : elementary   you are confident with the basic steps (side, backwards & forwards), you can pivot confidently and have some experience with the cross, ochos and changes of direction; you are able to dance with responsibility for your own balance. Many dancers will not progress much further than this but continue to enjoy and explore the dance.

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intermediate levels are not offered at Dalston Tango before spring 2010 but guest teachers can be invited upon request, please get in touch with

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advanced levels are not offered at Dalston Tango before 2011 but guest teachers can be invited upon request, please get in touch with