Ready to Dance

Sessions : Thursdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm

This is a class to bring awareness to how we move and to make us ready to dance for ourselves and with a partner.

We warm up through moving the joints and beginning to engage the muscles. Along with awareness, we develop co-ordination, balance and range of motion. We explore ways to move efficiently and elegantly, that is simultaneously with correctly directed energy and with relaxation.

Whether you wlll continue to dance socially, the session is a good exercise that will leave you with a sense of energy, relaxation and wellbeing. For untrained dancers, the class aim is also to provide a basic dance technique, increasing security, range, finesse and enjoyment. For trained dancers it is a means of exploring different styles of movement and breaking habits to increase freedom and a sense of connection of body and  mind.

£8 / £5  if you have lost your love, your keys, your job or your sense of humour


Register for the whole season HERE or drop-in with cash or card.