Research & Development

DalstonTango is engaged in a range of historical and technological research projects in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Arts and Goldsmiths Digital Studios as well as various private researchers and developers.


To understand what we are doing today we require a solid comprehension of what has been happening in the past. Hence we are interested in researching and developing innovative social dance practices while being aware of their social, cultural and political implications.


Our research interest concerns the transformation of e-motional charges in public spaces by means of strategically designed motion intervention, also referred to as locative dance.


We are developing mobile motion capture and generation technologies with the ambition to transform e-motional charges in public and private spaces. 


To find out more about locative dance technologies and applications, please get in touch with


We have a particular interest in the history and development of tango music. It appears as if some of its origins have been forgotten. 
At DalstonTango we are especially interested in the creole aspect of the music and have started conversations to stimulate research & development in this area.

Research @ DalstonTango

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