Bennie Bartels
 a successful contemporary dancer, has been dancing Argentine tango since 1990 when he encountered it at a bar in Montreal, Canada.  While continuing his contemporary dance career, he pursued his interest in tango and eventually began to teach and  perform, as well as producing and dancing in his own tango theatre piece.

While teaching he began to understand that his students were not having trouble with  tango itself,  the problem was understanding how their bodies worked. And, he has realised that this is because, in our daily lives, we aren't consciously confronted with the problem of moving within the context of space and music, and in connection to someone else.

Bennie says:

"I'll never stop looking for the heart of tango. I believe that everybody has dance in them, the trick is to find it. To do this I like to introduce playfulness to bring relaxation, grounded-ness and connection, both in yourself and your partner. If  we can enjoy a freedom of movement  we can then incorporate this into our tango to develop it beyond a  formal, directed and structured dance."

" For me tango is a dance of equal partners, we need to find what it means to follow as a leader and how to be an active follower, so that both contribute and find their dance."

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Adriana Pergorer is an independent dance artist interested in the interweaving of forms. Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete, she moved to the uk in 1995 and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University in 2001. 

Mainly trained with Thomas Kampe (ci), Masaki Iwana (butoh), Carlos Gavito (tango) she also took various intensive workshops with Rick Nodine, KJHolmes, Deborah Hay, Pablo Veron and Katsura Kan amongst other.
Winner of the Lea Anderson Choreographic Award for her dancefilm 'Double One' (tango & Jungian symbolism) she was also the recipient of ACE awards.

Adriana presented several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, video and installation, working collaboratively with visual & performance artists, dancers, musicians and writers and funded Adagioconbrio in 2006.

Adriana says: 

"Elasticity may refer to continuum mechanics of bodies which deform reversibly under stress (wikepedia). In tango it could be about walking into each other's space like an allegory, wrapped around and folding within each step...."

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Jyoti Argade is a scholar and chreographer

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