is a professional dancer and teacher. Trained in ballet, contemporary, mime, drama, temple dancing and Nia, she has danced internationally and taught, amongst other places, at the Rambert School, Morley College and Pineapple. She was introduced to Argentine tango in 2003 and excited by its unique combination of activation and receptivity, she has been studying it since then.

Nefra has been teaching at The Tango Club since 2008 where she has classes in Nia (a fitness fusion of dance, martial and healing arts) and Ready to Dance, a class to help untrained dancers discover necessary technique to bring ease and confidence to their dancing.

Nefra says: 

"I am passionate about enabling dancers to find their own style by helping them achieve the dynamic ease that comes from feeling supported by proper alignment, awareness and understanding."

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is a journeyman carpenter and trained as a designer in interactive architecture. Despite this professional background in structures and systems he has always been more interested in what is happening in the spaces and with the people in between the walls he designs. He has been living in London since 1999 and loves Dalston for the fact that often you can find the whole world on a single bus.

He has been dancing since his early days, at first in his parents' living room to Michael Jackson's 'I am bad', later as part of strictly stiff ballroom formations in North Germany. He discovered the Argentine Tango in London and was ultimately tamed and profoundly inspired by The Tango Club over the course of approximately two years.

Thomas says:

"I have never competed in dance and never will. I regard Tango as 'communication in motion' and I have a passion to bring people of all kinds together and see them be in harmony." 

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