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"Research has suggested that between 60 and 70 percent of all meaning is derived from nonverbal behavior." * 

Too often we find ourselves 'lost for words' when trying to communicate with our fellow human beings and our abilities to connect non-verbally are not sufficiently developed - especially while information technologies are keeping our bodies increasingly at distance.

There is evidence-based research which suggests that tango can make substantial contributions to interpersonal communication skills and team building development. Hence, we teach tango as communication in motion training by means of especially developed and structured social dance classes.

At DalstonTango we develop and offer specific course and workshop programs for businesses and organisations '@Work', for families and couples '@Home' and in partnership with educational providers '@School'. 

We are planning to commence with these offers in the third DalstonTango season (see respective countdown in the right column). To discuss ideas on how DalstonTango could make a difference to your communications whether at home, at work or at school, please contact us at


The @Work program suitable for business and organisations is delivered by DalstonTango and consulted by Annabel Kaye, an industrial relations and employment law specialist.

is an industrial relations and employment law specialist. She started Irenicon in 1980. She has successfully represented a wide range of employers throughout the UK. Her expertise is unique on business transfers, reorganisations and redundancy. She applies a wealth of experience to providing imaginative and effective solutions to client problems.

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The @Home program suitable for families and couples is delivered by DalstonTango and consulted by Carla Willig, professor of existential counseling psychology and qualitative research methods at City Univeristy.

Carla Willig is a Chartered Health Psychologist and acts as Course Director for the MSc Health Psychology at City University. Carla is also a qualified Counselling Psychologist who sees clients at Women & Health in Camden. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and a founder member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology.

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The @School program is delivered by DalstonTango and consulted by tbc

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