The floors we prefer for dancing are made of timber. As social dancers we have a commitment to preserve this precious flooring material for future tango generations. 

Every other weekend we will be visiting the markets or parks in the local community to dance on our mobile dance floor. Whoever wants to step on this beautiful street furniture will contribute a minimum of 'one pound a tango' to raise funds for the purchase and planting of a new tree, the TangoTree. 

the making of the TangoTree


The project follows TangoNautics's overall mission to share generously our enjoyment of tango dancing with the local community and to showcase the local, creative dance dynamism. 

Offering TangoTree in various locations we are aiming at uniting spirits and stimulate relations across the borough, while making a positive and effective environmental contribution when raising awareness for the importance of 'our green fellows' in the urban environment.