TangoWalking is all about sharing our love for social dancing with the local community in public spaces

Each TangoWalk follows a planned route and is comprised of tandas - when we dance and listen to music - and cortinas - when we walk and listen to local guide featuring the history of the place, the people, the environment, its poetry. The routes traverse through interesting places in the local area and connect people of all kinds.

While tangowalking each couple shares two pairs of headphones using the TangoConnector and adding a certain silent magic to the journey where nobody is disturbed by loud music, where couples can move freely while putting smiles of people's faces passing by.

TangoNautic workshops can be provided prior to each walk and are sometimes organized in collaboration with local tango schools to introduce their students to  TangoNautica - the art of autonomous tango navigation -  where different tango communities can meet and share their love of tango with the local community, in public.

In the recent past we worked with cultural institutes, private companies and governmental and non-governmental organisations.


TangoWalks in Dalston and Hackney Central with Hackney Tango