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National Theatre

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The TangoWalk for Gi20 presents a narrative for two exploring the art of navigation through public space by means of social dance.

Audience members are paired off in two’s - donning a shared MP3 player and two sets of headphones - and launch on a pre-determined route, which will unfold a 20 min story with tango dances interspersed. Prior to the walks, participants will be trained by means of ‘tangonautica’ workshops so no prior dance experience is required. 
Once en-route they will walk, dance, and make discoveries.  Spectators watching the silent ‘tangonauts’ as they dance through public space add unassuming theatricality to the proceedings.

Audiences become active performing participants, while connecting with their partner through an intimately shared audio space, where people can connect with themselves, each other and the world around them.

images by Susanne Hakuba


The Gi20 TangoWalk is a collaboration between Nordic Nomad and the Kindest Group and forms part of the TangoNautica initiative, the art of navigation by means of social dance. www.tangonautica.com

Nordic Nomad is a producer of immersive, site-specific, audience-focused theatre and dance events. www.nordicnomad.com

The Kindest Group creates innovative physical and digital spaces where people can connect with themselves, each other and the world around them. www.thekindest.org

London National Theatre, 7/8 July 2012, 2pm - 6pm
Workshops start: 2.45pm, 3.45pm, 4.45pm

Stockton International Riverside Festival, 4/5 August 2012, 


Realisation : Tanja Raaste : Nordic Nomad Production
Initiative : Thomas Lindner : The Kindest Group

Dance : Martin Espindola : Tango Terra, Dante Abel Culcui: MiriamYDante
Music : Volker Sommer / James Ogle : Dúo Tanzango

Audio : Lee Berwick assisted by Connor Tong 

Documentation : Susanne Hakuba
Volunteers: Stephen and Stephanie -  Darlington Milonga Society:  


Remarkable Production

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Our volunteers :
National Theatre : Inside Out Team
Stockton International : Festival Team